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“To me CalCPA means staying current through the continuing education and Daily Clips, and connecting with peers through networking events like CalCPA Golf Tournaments and ABC Mixers.”

—Arthur Moye, CPA
Full Circle Brewing Co.

Fresno Chapter
Member since 2007

Arthur Moye, CPA is the CEO of Full Circle Brewing Co. based out of Fresno, California. He earned his bachelor's degree in accounting from San Jose State University, graduating cum laude, and served as president of Beta Alpha Psi. He is past president of the Fresno chapter.

Favorite Benefits

  1. Networking Events
  2. Daily Clips
  3. Camico Professional Liability and Employment Practices Insurance
  4. CalCPA board opportunities
  5. Value-Priced discount programs
  6. MAP Survey
  7. Financial Literacy
  8. Webcast
  9. Radio Ads
  10. Student Outreach

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