Firm Administrator Associate

Not a licensed CPA, non-billable professional working as a firm administrator at a public accounting firm.

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“I have utilized my membership to its fullest over the years. CalCPA and its dedicated staff have always provided me with a wealth of information and assistance as I fulfill my administrative and recruiting duties for the firm.”

—June Barnes
Bianchi, Kasavan & Pope, LLP

San Jose Silicon Valley Chapter
Member since 2010

June Barnes is the manager of administration and recruitment for Bianchi, Kasavan, & Pope, LLP, a mid-size full service firm with offices in Hollister, Monterey, and Salinas, where she is based. She regularly utilizes benefits, such as the access and ability to research continuing education opportunities for the firm's CPAs and candidates, who are all CalCPA members, through CalCPA's user-friendly website. For the last eleven years, BKP has been enrolled in the CalCPA Health medical insurance plan. Her firm has found the premium rates to be competitive in comparison to other insurance companies. When recruiting for her firm, she refers to CalCPA's classifieds to search for résumés and post jobs. 

Favorite Benefits

  1. Courses
  2. Conferences
  3. Self Study Products
  4. Website
  5. Online CPE registration process
  6. Customer Service
  7. VPE Coupons
  8. CPE Tracking
  9. CalCPA Health
  10. Classifieds

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