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“My passion for the profession has grown since becoming aware of the trail to becoming a CPA in my sophomore year of college. Its core values of independence, integrity and objectivity are hallmarks of the high esteem given us by the community at large. It is our challenge to live up to these expectations and to take action to grow the profession through involvement in the many programs and activities of CalCPA.”

—Thomas Gilbert, CPA
Gilbert Associates, Inc., CPAs and Advisors

Sacramento Chapter
Member since 1975

Thom Gilbert, CPA is the founding shareholder of Gilbert Associates, Inc., and has over 40 years of experience in public accounting, including auditing, business valuations, fraud investigations, litigation support and tax. He has actively engaged in CalCPA leadership, including author, instructor and technical reviewer for numerous CalCPA courses. He also has participated extensively in CalCPA school district and governmental conferences as a member of planning committees, speaker and conference chair. He is a member of CalCPA Government Relations and Governmental Accounting and Auditing committees; the California Board of Accountancy, Enforcement Advisory Committee; and is a former member of the CalCPA Education Foundation Board and the California Board Technical Review Panel.

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