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“CalCPA played a significant positive role in my professional life and experience. It provides a great way to network with other CPAs and also provides an avenue to support our great profession. Over the years I have cultivated many relationships with other CalCPA members both in my local community and throughout the state. Since I have retired from practice, I still feel connected to the profession and other members through CalCPA. I plan to keep my CalCPA membership indefinitely as I feel its role in enhancing our profession is extremely valuable.”

—Sally Arnold, CPA

Channel Counties Chapter
Member since 2007

Sally H. Arnold, CPA is a former Shareholder of Damitz Brooks Nightingale Turner & Morrisset, a Professional Corporation, in Santa Barbara. She earned a bachelor's degree in business administration from California State University, Long Beach. Her volunteer leadership positions include serving for the CalCPA State Board of Directors; former chair and member of the CalCPA Management Consulting Services Committee (1986-2006); president of the CalCPA Channel Counties Chapter (1997-98); member of the CalCPA Information Technology Committee (1986-2003); member of the CalCPA CIMS Task Force; and member of the CPABSN Implementation Committee. 

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