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Wolters Kluwer and the California Society of CPAs have joined together to provide exclusive offers on industry leading products. This relationship gives you the necessary tools to expand your professional development, enhance your knowledge and increase your expertise on tax, accounting, financial and estate planning, audit topics and more.

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Order the 100th anniversary edition of the U.S. Master Tax Guide today!

Regular Price: $105.00. CalCPA Member Only Price: $73.50
Available in both print and eBook format

Purchase your copy of the Guidebook to California Taxes (2017)

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Available in both print and eBook format

Update your library with these essential titles from Wolters Kluwer

  Income Tax Regulations (Winter 2017)

Regular Price: $220.00
CalCPA Member Only Price: $154.00

  Internal Revenue Code: Income, Estate, Gift, Employment and Excise Taxes (Winter 2017)

Regular Price: $156.00
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  State Tax Handbook (2017)

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  U.S. Master Depreciation Guide (2017)

Regular Price: $142.99
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  GAAP Guide (2017)

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  Multistate Corporate Tax Guide (2017)

Regular Price: $819.00
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  Affordable Care Act – Law, Regulatory, Explanation and Analysis (2017)

Regular Price: $79.00
CalCPA Member Only Price: $55.30