Message from the Chair Sustaining Improving and Protecting Our Profession

July 01, 2010

By Conrad Davis, CPA
I am honored to serve as the 2010–11 CalCPA chair. During my term, I will ensure that we continue to advocate for members on important issues, enhance the profession’s image and support future generations of CPAs.

A cornerstone of my CPA career has been the solid support provided to me by other professionals. Mentors have given me guidance to build my professional skills and chart a course for career success.

From my CPA father-in-law, Don Jones, who guided me into the profession, to the numerous CPAs over the years who I’ve worked with or served with as a CalCPA volunteer, this ongoing support has been rewarding beyond my imagination.

It is with this true value of membership in mind that I begin my year as CalCPA chair. I feel a strong obligation to continue to support our members.
For more than 100 years, CalCPA has been forging relationships and leading the way so each generation of CPAs can build on the groundwork laid by
their predecessors.

Something Larger
I would like California CPAs to understand they are part of something larger—a profession. They have a responsibility to sustain it, protect it and nourish it. In part, this means adding new members and developing leaders, while continuing to meet the needs of our exisiting members. Membership is not a simple cost-benefit analysis between CPE discounts and dues.

As we move ahead with our careers, we also can help lift up a peer or an emerging professional. I encourage you to mentor or support someone within your sphere of influence. It’s key to the continuation of our profession. That’s why I’m so passionate about our CalCPA Emerging Leaders certificate program, which successfully launched May 14.

The program provides training in critical leadership development areas and connects our young and emerging professionals to leaders in the profession who can serve as mentors. We have more than 150 participants in the program and I look forward to seeing that number grow.

The CalCPA Emerging Leaders program is a statewide collaborative effort, executed locally through CalCPA chapters. It’s that kind of local effort that builds momentum throughout the state—very much like our grass-roots efforts have been key for our legislative efforts.

The Voice of 35,000+
Our grass-roots efforts in Sacramento have been tremendous, especially when it comes to implementing important legislation such as SB 819, which designated the 150-hour pathway as the only pathway to licensure in California starting in 2014.

This legislation was critical for California licensees to remain competitive for the long term and serve clients’ needs across state lines and around the globe.

We will continue to build this year what we have started, strengthening our local legislative relationships and increasing our voice of 35,000 in Sacramento.

Specifically, we are actively working with educators and state regulators to ensure the final educational requirements related to SB 819 are reasonable and achievable. We are monitoring the impact of mandatory peer review in the state and we are preparing to help CPAs grapple locally with the impact of new federal mandates, including tax preparer registration and corporate financial reform.

Plus, as the state struggles with its budget issues, our team is monitoring all proposals that may impact your business.

In addition to our advocacy, we will continue our commitment to enhancing the image of the profession through media relations, image advertising and community outreach programs. In this economy, and with the ongoing financial struggles of many Californians, our financial literacy programs can make a huge difference now more than ever.

CalCPA also will continue to attract, educate and support CPAs in their professional and personal development. As I mentioned, it’s that kind of support that can buoy your career. I encourage everyone to learn more about the CalCPA Leadership Institute and explore our numerous volunteer opportunities, such as leading a discussion group, serving on a chapter board or even holding statewide office.

CalCPA on the Move
Our profession continues to evolve and change. As chair, I will help ensure CalCPA is always on the move with you. I’ve already seen some exciting activities, including our updated website and you can follow our numerous, ongoing discussions and events on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

I’m committed to keeping you supported, informed and connected in 2010–11.

Thank you.

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