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March 01, 2014

March 2014

Karen Goodfriend discusses strategies to reduce the effects of ObamaCare in a March 3 post on Fox Business. 

The March 4 Accounting Today profiles Adam Blitz, who is the fourth CPA in his family. 

In a March 4 Accounting Web article, Elmas Martin talks about her experiences with AICPA’s summer leadership workshop. 

Monica Rebella provides tax tips for homeowners in a March 6 USA Today article. 

Leonard Wright also discusses tax tips in a March 6 article posted on 

The March 7 Willits News profiles Wade Hastings, who received a CalCPA scholarship. 

Blake Christian explains how to build staff loyalty during tax season in a March 10 CPA Insider article. 

In the March 10 San Diego Union Tribune, Melody Thornton and Tracy Kearin review tax rules for small businesses. 

Miguel Palma and Jim McHale participated in the March 11 tax hotline on KGO-TV in San Francisco. Laura Ross also participated in a KGO-TV tax hotline on April 2. 

Jamie Castiel, Lewis Cohen, Vee Cristobal, Scott Donnelly, David Flamer, Michael Kelfer, Theresa Morrison, Angela Sayers, Rob Seltzer, Steven Valdes and Ryan Wong answered viewer phone calls during the March 13 tax hotline conducted by KABC-TV in Los Angeles. 

Gregg Wind recommends financial strategies for winners of large sums of money in a March 14 Yahoo Finance piece. 

Dan Morris discussed bit coins during the March 14 broadcast of a financial program hosted by Leonard Wright over KLAV-AM in Las Vegas. 

The March 20 Napa Valley Register notes that Ryan Eidson is a recipient of AICPA’s Elijah Watt Sells Award. An article posted on March 21 on the Westwood-Century City Patch, mentions that Adam Fraser also has received that honor. 

A March 20 Reuters story features comments from Nanette Lee Miller regarding changes for same-sex tax filers. 

A column by Steve Mintz in the March 21 Pacific Coast Business Times reviews ethical considerations in regards to auditor independence. 

Janet Lee Krochman discussed last-minute tax filing considerations during a March 22 broadcast on KGO-AM in San Francisco. 

Adam Blitz opines on whether LeBron James would succeed as a CPA in a March 25 Accounting Today article. 

Jean-Luc Bourdon answers a reader’s tax question in the March 25 edition of USA Today. Leonard Wright does the same in the March 29 edition of the newspaper. 

Gloria Birnkrant provides tax tips for procrastinators in the March 26 issue of Business Week. 

The March 31 Sacramento Business Journal profiles Katie McConnell.

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