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Frequently Asked Questions:

Income Tax

Is a personal gift or loan taxable?

Do I have to report foreign funds to the IRS?

For how many years must I file back taxes?

Do I have to file taxes in two states?

Podcast discussing how to handle a notification that you owe back taxes

Sales Tax

When are services subject to California sales tax?

Should I charge sales tax when selling digital photos?

Should service technician charge sales tax?

Can a sales tax be added to a delivery charge?

Do I charge sales tax on cleaning services?

Podcast discussing when and when not to charge sales tax

1031 Exchanges

How long can I delay renting property involved in a 1031 exchange?

Will proceeds from a 1031 exchange be taxed?

Podcast discussing 1031 exchange rules


Who pays taxes on a Roth IRA?

Capital Gains

What taxes do I pay if I sell a house below its basis?

Can I pay taxes before selling a property?

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