Tax Tips


Don't Make These Common Tax-Time Mistakes

What You Need to Know About Last-Minute Tax Changes

Tax Planning Tips for Armed Forces Personnel

Five Tax Tips for the Unemployed

Your Tax Return: What Could Go Wrong?

What You Should Know about Taxes and Social Security Benefits

Can I pay taxes before selling a property?

Who pays taxes on a Roth IRA?

Seven Smart Tips for Last-minute Filers

Safeguarding Your Tax Records

Is a personal gift or loan taxable?

Tax Solutions for Baby Boomers

Four Last Minute Tips to Lower Your Taxes

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Tax Planning

How Can You Cut Next Year’s Taxes?

Can I Make California Garner My Husband's Earnings, Not Mine?

Importance of Tax Planning

Update on AMT

Do I Report Car Payments from My Girlfriend as Income?

Do I have to report foreign funds to the IRS?

Tax Planning Update for Same Sex Couples

What You Need to Know About Estimated Taxes

Charitable Deductions

Who gets the tax deduction for a charitable donation?

Back Taxes

For how many years must I file back taxes?

Anti-Tax Law Evasion Schemes

How can I rectify back taxes?


If I refinance rental property, can I deduct loan interest?

Can my friend deduct a gift?

Tax-Deductible Donations: What You Need to Know

Does cosmetic surgery qualify for a deduction?

Five Tax Deductions You Should not Overlook

Got Kids? Don't Miss These Tax Breaks

Capital Gains/Losses

As a California resident, do I pay capital gains tax in Oregon?

What taxes do I pay if I sell a house below its basis?

As a Washington resident, what taxes do I pay on the sale of California property?

Can I defer capital gains tax on 1031 exchange for property rented to my daughter?

How do I carry a loss forward?

Do I pay taxes on a gain?

Do we pay taxes on a loss?

Must I pay capital gain on property in another state?


As a Utah resident, how do I report sale of California property?

How Will a Move to California Affect Our Taxes?

Do I have to file taxes in two states?

I live in two states: where do I file a tax return? How can I use my money in a 1031 Exchange?

Will I lose my California residency if I work in another state?

IRS Audit

Avoiding A Tax Audit

Does my CPA need my approval to turn over records to the IRS?

Appealing an IRS Decision

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