Financial Empowerment

March 2018

What Is Bitcoin All About?

Do you know how many currencies there are around the globe? According to a Google search, the United Nations currently recognizes 180 currencies, including the U.S. dollar, the United Kingdom pound, the euro and the Japanese yen. These currencies are represented by metal coins and paper bills. But in recent years, a new type of currency has been developed—one that is not affiliated with a particular nation and has no physical representation. These are so-called crypto or cyber currencies, the most famous of which is bitcoin. To find out how these currencies came about and whether or not they can be used by the average person, we talked with Dan Morris, a San Jose CPA who has advised clients about the use of crypto currencies in their transactions.

February 2018

Getting Rid of First-Time Homebuyer's Jitters

Purchasing a first home can be a bit traumatic. After all, most people who are looking to buy their first home are likely young and usually have had no prior experience with making a purchase that will take up a huge chunk of their income for years to come. We asked Rob Seltzer, a Los Angeles CPA and personal financial specialist, for some pointers that will reduce a first-home buyer’s anxieties

January 2018

Calculating when to Retire

At some time, most of us will want to retire from the workforce. But when should that happen? You need to consider many factors before making that decision. Among them are health, mental well-being and family connections. Here, however, we want to focus on how your financial situation affects that decision. So we spoke over Skype with Larry Pon, CPA/PFS, of Redwood City, California. Pon frequently advises clients about retirement.