2006 Financial Empowerment Podcasts

Financial Empowerment is a service of CalCPA Institute. Our podcasts help consumers make sense of today’s complex financial issues. Most podcasts are under 15 minutes in length.

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November and December 2006

Renting an Apartment

(Parts 1 and 2)

There’s more to renting an apartment than the monthly check to the landlord. There’s also the security deposit, utility bills, insurance,and other costs. Even your commute can affect whether or not an apartment is right for you. CPA Mitch Freedman points out what other factors you need to consider before signing a lease in our second podcast about renting an apartment.

Download the Podcast Part One (Mp3, 6.1Mb)

Download the Podcast Part Two (Mp3, 6.1Mb)

September and October 2006

Identity Theft

(Parts 1 and 2

Do you need identity theft insurance? Young adults who are the prime target of identity thieves might want to consider it. In our second podcast about identity theft, Michael Eisenberg, CPA, offers additional advice about ways to reduce your chances of having your identity stolen and what you can do should you be a victim.

Download the Podcast Part One (Mp3, 5.2Mb)

Download the Podcast Part Two (Mp3, 13.2Mb)