2007 Financial Empowerment Podcasts

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December 2007

Registered Investment Advisers

Putting together a good portfolio of investments requires the advice of an expert, such as a registered investment adviser. Sheryl Rowling, a San Diego CPA, explains the differences between a fee-based RIA firm and a broker, who usually works on commission. You'll learn how to select an investment adviser and more wisely invest your hard-earned money.

In the News You Can Use segment, learn about recent activity by the Federal Reserve Board that could reduce the likelihood of another subprime mortgage crisis.

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Link discussed in this podcast:

Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System


November 2007

529 Plans

A great way to save for a college education--whether it be for your child or yourself--is through a 529 plan. Every state offers 529 plans, which allow you to place money into investments that grow tax-deferred and which can ultimately pay most or all of college educational expenses. CPA Joe Kovar, who has helped numerous clients set up 529 plans, explains how they work. The podcast also discusses student loan consolidations, and why recent graduates might consider waiting until next summer to consolidate their loans.

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Links discussed in this podcast:

Saving for College

Scholar Share

Financial Aid 


October 2007

Disaster Preparedness

The fires that swept through Southern California at the end of October underscore the importance of disaster preparedness. Everyone should make sure that important records are secure from fire damage. Mitch Freedman, CPA/PFS, an expert in disaster preparedness, provides advice based on his own experiences, not only with the fire that approached his own Malibu home but also with the Northridge earthquake of 1994.

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September 2007

Financial Adviser Team

Los Angeles CPA Harold Katz explains why everyone could use a team of advisers to provide a lifetime of financial guidance. He recommends that the team consist of a life insurance agent, a disability insurance agent, an investment adviser, a trust and estate attorney and a certified public accountant. The podcast also provides information about checking on the background of the advisers.

The News You Can Use feature explains how to save money when using ATMs.

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Link discussed in this podcast:

Financial Industry Regulatory Authority


August 2007

Financial Aspects of Divorce, Part Two

In the second of two podcasts on how divorce affects a couple's financial situation, CPA Leslie Dawson talks about the tax consequences of spousal support, selling the family home and the monetary aspects of remarriage. She even notes that sometimes couples thinking of divorce may have second thoughts once they carefully review their financial situation.

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Links discussed in this podcast:

Family Court Services Programs

California State Bar


July 2007

Financial Aspects of Divorce, Part One

People thinking about divorcing their spouse should review their financial situation before filing the paperwork. In the first of two podcasts about the financial aspects of divorce, CPA Leslie Dawson discusses how divorce affects a couple's income tax situation, their investments, life insurance, retirement plans and their joint holdings, such as residences and businesses.

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 June 2007

The Tax Advantages of Buying a Home

Buying a home not only results in a place to live, it also provides several tax advantages. Angie Grainger, CPA/PFS, discusses expenses that can be deducted as well as those that can't. She also explains some of the resources that can be tapped for the down payment and loan.

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April and May 2007

Good Habits For Keeping Out of Debt (Parts 1 and 2)

Just knowing that we need to save more isn't always enough. These valuable tips will help you become more aware of your spending habits and will help you develop the necessary discipline to get back into financial shape.

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March 2007

Your Retirement: Start Saving Early

If you want a comfortable lifestyle in your 70s and 80s you should start saving for it in your 20s. This edition of Financial Empowerment helps you get started.

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January and February 2007

Prepare Now for Filing Your 2007 Taxes

(Parts 1 and 2)

Putting money in the collection plate every Sunday? Get a receipt! Learn about the new rules for deductions that will affect your 2007 taxes.

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