CPAs Helping, Promoting and Encouraging Business in California and Your Community

California Businesses Count on California CPAs

CPAs are the trusted advisers, valued employees and preferred providers of financial and advisory services to a wide spectrum of businesses throughout California and are instrumental in enhancing business growth and economic development in California. They have the knowledge, expertise and unique perspective to make sense of the complex challenges facing businesses in California and provide objective information for practical solutions. CPAs provide the tools, resources and reassurance that allow businesses to grow and do what they do best—serve their customers with the peach of mind that their business finances are in good hands.

CalCPA knows from experience that at the heart of successful businesses are sound business decision, and at the heart of sound business decisions are CPAs.

California CPAs are good for business, which is good for California.

The Business Climate is Changing—CPAs Want to Help Your Community Evolve With It

After years of turmoil, businesses are rebuilding in a rapidly changing and evolving environment. A globalized economy; health care, tax and labor law changes; new technology; and a shifting financial market all have made starting and maintaining a successful small business more challenging. One misstep could be disastrous. Being at the center of business within your community, California CPAs are ready, willing and able to help businesses address the challenges they face, understand their options and achieve financial security.

CalCPA Wants to Connect with Your Small Business

Through CalCPA’s community outreach programs, CalCPA provides trained CPAs to help California business owners better understand what they need to know to effectively run their businesses. We encourage you to use our members’ expertise as a resource. To help build a strong economic base in your local community, you can:
  • Partner with CalCPA to hold an educational program specifically focused on starting, managing and growing a small business; or
  • Contact CalCPA to provide resources for small businesses about tax filing deadlines, necessary forms and other valuable financial information.