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May 20, 2022
By Denise LeDuc Froemming, CPA, CAE, MBA
Fostering a more diverse and inclusive environment in the profession is a shared responsibility, and CalCPA is committed to leading by example—in words and actions.

In words, we’ve adopted a new inclusion statement that reflects our mission: CalCPA is actively promoting a climate of inclusivity as we build a community of belonging. Join us as advocates of authenticity, acceptance, awareness and action.

In actions, we’ve made CalCPA Institute the new home for our diversity, equity & inclusion (DE&I) initiatives, with dedicated staff to work on these issues. Our efforts also include the CalCPA Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Commission and our internal DE&I working group, which are working toward ensuring CalCPA reflects the diversity of the accounting and finance profession. 

And over the past two years, we’ve worked with the Institute of Management Accountants on two significant studies (this most recent one also involved the International Federation of Accountants) revolving around DE&I in the profession. You can find links to both reports here

The most recent report, Diversifying Global Accounting Talent: Actionable Solutions for Progress, was released in April and includes more than 60 accountancy organizations as DE&I Advocates, representing one of the largest collective DE&I initiatives in the history of global accounting.

We are grateful for the opportunity to collaborate on this vital initiative to foster change and promote a nurturing and welcoming environment for all. You can read more about the report here, but a few highlights include:
  • Fewer than 60 percent of respondents of all backgrounds view the profession as equitable or inclusive.
  • Women report they have experienced inequitable treatment and exclusive behaviors that impacted career decisions and prompted some to leave the profession.
  • A lack of DE&I negatively impacts the retention of diverse talent within organizations and the profession.
The report also presents various solutions organizations can take, including:
  • Identifying and mitigating unconscious bias.
  • Attracting, retaining and promoting diverse talent.
  • Increasing accountability for progress.
In addition to these efforts, we launched a baseline DE&I assessment to CalCPA members last month to  better understand them. Results will be used to inform potential revisions to policies, procedures or professional development opportunities for members and staff.

I encourage all of us to be curious, create opportunities for honest conversations and be courageous; remember it’s a journey, with multiple destinations—learn, listen and grow.
Denise LeDuc Froemming, CPA, CAE, MBA is President & CEO of CalCPA and CalCPA Education Foundation.

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