Every Voice Matters

November 22, 2022
If you’ve been involved with CalCPA for any length of time, you’ve likely heard members and staff describe us as a community.

It’s an appropriate description, I believe, when you consider definitions of “community” include ideas like “a unified body of individuals” invested in each other’s success and “a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests and goals.” 

Communities have a shared identity. Shared purpose. Common objectives. Interactions. These are all things CalCPA works to build because we know they are among the keys to our success, and your success—which is always top of mind. There is strength in community, and one of the areas where we see that shine brightest is CPA Day.

Bills are introduced during each legislative session that impact you, your clients or your employer, and CPA Day is an opportunity for you to add your voice and CPA perspective to discuss with legislators the issues facing the profession and the greater business community in California. 

These meetings go a long way toward establishing relationships within CalCPA and with members of the Lesgislature. Our efforts in this area are most effective when legislators sit face-to-face with someone—like you—who is directly affected by a specific issue. You can share your story, bringing to life the impact legislation has or will have on “main street .”

As we build out what CPA Day will look like on Jan. 18, be sure to save that date and watch for updates and registration details. Never participated in CPA Day before? No problem. We have you covered and will provide all the info and talking points you’ll need.

Why do we stress participation in CPA Day and encourage members to enagage in the process? Because along with the characteristics of community mentioned earlier, there’s another that we especially value: Variety of voices.

While, as a community, we may have a unified purpose of promoting the CPA profession and a shared identity as CPAs and financial professionals, within those there is diversity. Diversity of background. Diversity of thought. Diversity of experiences. Tapping into as many of those voices as possible so they are heard, respected and matter is key to ensuring our community and profession thrive.

So the more members we have participating the more voices—the more perspectives—we’re able to bring to our CPA Day meetings and other professional issues. 

We’re all working toward the same goals—and we each have something unique to offer to accomplish those goals. Join us and lend your voice. You won’t be disappointed.

Denise LeDuc Froemming, CPA, CAE, MBA is president & CEO of CalCPA and CalCPA Education Foundation.

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