Diversifying The Profession

February 17, 2023
There are numerous layers to addressing an issue as complex, important and wide-ranging as diversity, equity and inclusion. And fostering a more diverse and inclusive environment in the profession is a shared responsibility.

Our efforts elevated in 2021, when we partnered with the Institute of Management Accountants to produce and release Diversifying U.S. Accounting Talent: A Critical Imperative to Achieve Transformational Outcomes. The study looked at the composition of the accounting profession and confirmed that much more should be and can be done to attract, retain and promote diverse talent.

That report was followed in 2022 by Diversifying Global Accounting Talent: Actionable Solutions for Progress, which outlined several specific steps to help promote DE&I in the profession that range from implementing communication and awareness campaigns highlighting the benefits of accounting careers to hosting community events that illustrate accounting’s value to businesses and communities to providing scholarships to diverse students.

You can find both reports online.

Which brings us to today and our most recent efforts partnering with the Institute of Management Accountants, the American Accounting Association, NABA Inc., the Center for Audit Quality and Gleim Exam Prep to improve awareness, access and preparation for Black and African American persons to energize them to choose accountancy and empower them to leverage accounting to thrive in their careers and lives. 

Combining our resources to reach Black and African American students and faculty in California, the program includes four tracks that will propel participants to be successful:
  • Certified Management Accountant track (students): Will map out a career in management accounting and ready participants to become CMAs; 
  • CPA track (students): Will map out a career in public and private accounting and ready participants to become CPAs; 
  • Leadership track (students): Help participants become business leaders by providing a tailored leadership development plan, mentoring and networking; and 
  • Faculty track: Will include faculty development and assist in the practitioner-to-faculty transition.
If you are interested—or know someone who could be interested—you can go online for a gateway to this future.

As I’ve mentioned and continue to believe, the best way to address diversity, equity and inclusion is to be curious; have open and direct conversations; remember it’s a journey, not a destination; and focus on attaining measurable results.
Denise LeDuc Froemming, CPA, CAE, MBA is President & CEO of CalCPA and CalCPA Education Foundation.

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