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COVID-19 update

Learn how CalCPA is taking precautions for COVID-19 at all of our live events by visiting our Coronavirus Resources and Information page. For those who would prefer to attend virtually, all conferences are live streamed via webcast. 

School Districts
School Districts Conference Webcast
April 20, 2021 // Virtual Conference // CPE: 8
Gain insights on the latest industry developments, updates about financial statements/internal controls and cover challenges surrounding school district compliance. You'll receive practical guidance from industry leaders who provide real-life examples regarding issues impacting school districts.

Elevate: Women's Leadership Forum
Los Angeles
April 23, 2021 // Virtual Conference // CPE: 8
Tap into a wealth of information from top talent in the accounting and finance industry. Ideal for accounting staff just beginning their journey to seasoned executives, gain insights about acquiring a competitive edge with leadership development and career-propelling concepts.

4N6: Forensics and Fraud
Accounting & Auditing Conference
April 29–30, 2021 // Virtual Conference // CPE: 8
Nationally recognized experts will provide the latest info on areas such as cryptocurrency, fraud risk and anti-money laundering. You’ll leave this event knowing how to protect your clients with best practices on a variety of fraud and forensic accounting topics.

Capitol Insights: Governmental Accounting and Auditing
Governmental Accounting & Auditing Conference
May 3–4, 2021 // Virtual Conference // CPE: 8
Governmental auditing and accounting are hot growth areas for the profession, and new technologies are helping to transform these practice areas. Join us to hear about exciting developments!

Not-for-Profit Organiizations
Not-for-Profit Conference
May 18–19, 2021 // Virtual Conference // CPE: 8
California NFPs generate $273B in annual revenue, and one in every 14 California jobs is at a not-for-profit organization. Join us May 18–19 for our virtual conference, when we are bringing together industry and public accounting experts to deliver timely updates surrounding the market. We’ll cover an array of accounting and auditing, tax and industry-related topics.

Employee benefit Plans Audit
Employee Benefit Plans Annual Audit Conference
June 11, 2021 // Virtual Conference // CPE: 8
Learn about the complexities, trending issues and steps you can take to be up to date on regulatory, audit and accounting requirements.

Entertainment Industry
Entertainment Industry Conference
June 22, 2021 // Virtual Conference // CPE: 8
The 51st annual Entertainment Industry Conference continues to provide CPAs, business managers, attorneys, CFOs and controllers with insights and practical advice for handling entertainment business issues. Learn about critical legislative and regulatory developments, and get up to speed on other trending topics.

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