Community Outreach

The Word is Out, Student Outreach Is In

School's out and whether students are enjoying the beach, camping, baseball games or other fun-in-the-sun activities they probably have one thing in common, they're spending money. Help your student learn to use their funds wisely so they'll have enough to spend on hot dogs at the ballpark and to put towards a down payment on their first car.

Check out CalCPA's Community Outreach for a list of resources that will give you great ideas for teaching your student about money management.

Don't forget that money management can be a great addition to your student's classroom, download our student outreach program brochure to check out our classroom resources and share them with your student's teacher this fall.

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Volunteer Opportunities

Adult Financial Literacy Outreach

Help stamp out financial illiteracy. Dollars & Sense workshops and materials can help all Californians get the most from their money.

Student Financial Literacy Outreach

Ensure the next generation is financially prepared by talking to students about budgeting, credit, or savings and investing.

Disaster Outreach

In the event of a declared disaster advise people regarding filing taxes, financial issues and declaring casualty losses over the phone via our 800 number.

CPA Careers Outreach

Help students discover the possibilities of a career as a CPA by sharing your experience in the classroom, at campus career events and career fairs.

Ask a CPA

Be a resources to help Californians manage their money better or answer tax or finance questions.

Our Resources

Dollars & Sense

The cornerstone of CalCPA and CalCPA Institute's financial literacy initiative, Dollars & Sense workshops are 45-60 minute presentations on financial topics led by CalCPA volunteers.

High School Financial Planning Program

CalCPA Institute offers FREE, interactive financial literacy presentations designed to engage high school students on topics such as budgeting, credit, savings and investing.


This DVD uses man-on-the-street interviews to uncover first-hand, just how Californians really manage their finances.

Support CalCPA Institute

Support CalCPA Institute as a volunteer or through your tax-deductible contributions.

Financial Empowerment

Podcasts offer practical tips to make sense of financial issues from tax planning to renting an apartment.

Disaster Recovery Resources

Authoritative guidance and tools to help individuals and businesses rebuild their financial lives following a disaster.

Quest Magazine

Quest is a special publication of the California Society of CPAs that discusses CPA careers in articles targeted to a high school and college student audience.

Bring It On

In this DVD, CPAs working in professional sports, the music industry, feature films and the FBI discuss the difference being a CPA has made in their careers while dispelling stereotypes.